- Passive URL shortening for MDN

MDN Whenever you need to look something up on the Mozilla Developer Network, you usually end up typing something like mdn defineproperty into the search bar and clicking the first link.

We've taken that already simple process and made it simpler with, the "I'm feeling lucky" URL shortener for MDN.

How do I use it?

Simply type something like this in your address bar:

You can even include spaces: transitions

Or hashes:


MDN URLs are quite long:

We needed a way to keep them short so they could be directly included in places we would otherwise say "search for __."

Code reviews

Let's say you're doing a code review and you need to link a peer to the documentation for the Array object:

// Array has an inbuilt forEach method, see


If you're writing JavaScript code that relies on some interesting in-built functionality others aren't familar with, it might be helpful to link to the documentation for it:

// See
Object.defineProperty(obj, 'constant', {
    writeable: false,
    enumerable: true

Common questions

Sometimes you just get asked the same question so many times you wish your chat client would auto-reply with the URL to the FM:

friend: hey dude, is it call or apply that takes an array?

you: RTFM

What is this sorcery? isn't really a URL shortener. There's no need to create an entry for each page you want to link to; simply redirects to a Google "I'm feeling lucky" search for your query +, which in turn redirects you to the first result.

Simple and hands off, like it should be. Check out the source on Github for more details.

A big thanks

Blake Embrey and I collaborated on this project and he continues to support it by hosting Thanks, Blake!